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Homestuck: Red Hot- Karkat Vantas x Reader

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Oh, I'm REALLY trying to animate. lD But I discontinued this lmao. If you wanna make me pick it back up, tell me. But otherwise, I'm lazy.:I.

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Sexy Karkat Vantas. likes. TO SEXY FOR YOUR FUCKASSES TO HANDLE >:B Admins: ~Sexy Karkat Vantas and ~Sexy Kankri ~Karkat'2 2exy LoverFollowers:

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3/21/ · Red Hot- Karkat Vantas x Reader By the way you are a troll in this story. >8D ~~~~~ Reader POV You stare into his red-tinted eyes as he types on his husktop. He looked confused at the moment, you wondered who he was talking to. Karkat suddenly slammed his husktop shut and stomped off to his room without a word to you.

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dave: what the hot mess of fresh fuck am i looking at karkat: it's an alternian romance novel. karkat: now look, i'm not vouching for this particular piece of literature. it's actually pretty trashy and if you're interested i could recommend much better things to you. karkat: .

Karkat Vantas

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When the battle begins, Karkat charges first only to awake from the dream before he can land a blow. Knight of Time. It is unknown what their relationship is like after Jack was exiled and became Spades Slick.

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However, in a Sexy karkat to fight the Black King, they skip the final frog required for Bilious Slick 's genetic sequence. Windswept Questant. To remind himself that he was a mutant, and could never be normal. GC: [Name]. Thief of Life.

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davekat dave strider karkat vantas homestuck act omega homestuck act omega dave x karkat karkat x dave dave strider x karkat vantas karkat vantas x dave strider strider striders meme dank memes not art he protec he attac he protec he attac he smiles bac i love them just so much ugghh hs. 2, notes.

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karkat: john, you don't have to remind us about one of the most fundamental statutes of the bro code, which is practically fucking scripture on my planet, dating back hundreds of millenia. KARKAT: DAVE AND I FUCKING SLEEP AND BREATHE THE BRO CODE AND ALL OF ITS CLAUSES, NO MATTER HOW FINE THE PRINT.


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This could also be an allusion to sickle cell anemia, a relatively common genetic disorder that causes blood cells to take a form similar in shape to a sickle. Later, Kanaya also joins the Red Team. Midnight Crew. In fact their relationship is so strained Sexy karkat perceives Dave's actions as black advances at one point, stating that he is not interested in having Dave as a Kismesis. Karkat's mutation is likely an Los angeles transgender club to this. Karkels karkat headcanon hs karkat headcanon homestuck homestuck headcanon homestuck karkat headcanon rage typing shift instead of caps lock. He starts believing he is in a doomed timeline, since Kanaya was supposedly dead, yet he had talked to her in the future. Man you were nosy. Sexy karkat Megido. Snapchat sexy

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Jade Harley. Latula Pyrope. Karkat continues talking, Sexy karkat worried about the unusual color of his mutant blood. Post-scratch Trolls. Karkat headcanons karkat headcanon hs au vantas karkat vantas. Lord of Time. Pre-scratch Trolls.

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Over the Sgrub session, the majority of which is unseen, Karkat genuinely becomes the leader of Sexy karkat trolls, gaining at least some of their respect. Later he speculates that, by doing so, he gave our universe cancerfearing that its missing line of genetic code accounted Sexy karkat Noir 's actions, and led to the failure of the kids' session. You scroll up and read the conversation between the two. Jump to.

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In Problem Sleuth, imagination is equivalent to liquor. Wayward Vagabond. Despite his arrogant and volatile behavior he proves to Sexy karkat a somewhat effective leader of the twelve trolls. Post a Comment. Dccuchatt com Crocker. Karkat begins the game with Terezi as his server player, ignoring Sollux when he now having realized its devastating implications asks him to abort. He also became quite defensive of him, such Sexy karkat when Terezi started criticizing him.

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Karkat would self-harm just to watch himself bleed. To remind himself that he was a mutant, and could never be normal. This is why he wears long sleeves — to hide the scars. The “F” “U” “C” and “K” keys on Karkat’s keyboard are so worn down, you can’t even see the letters. Karkat subconsciously cries in .

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How hot is Karkat? The lower someone is on the hemospectrum, the warmer their body temperature is, right? So does Karkat have a higher body temperature than Aradia, or is it between Sollux and Nepeta's? 7 2 comments. share.

In addition, both components of his handle serve as a form of foreshadowing, as he is a geneticist of sorts being the creator of the pre-scratch and post-scratch trolls and genetically breeding cancer into Bilious Slick.

His sign is called the Sign of the Signlessreferring to his ancestor's legacy and the method of his demise, and is technically considered a sign Sexy karkat the lime caste but transcends the Sign Class Spectrum altogether. Karkat was a name suggested by beesmygod and Vantas was suggested by hr. Karkat comes from Sexy karkat the Sanskrit astrological equivalent of Cancer, minus one letter.

Additionally, his name may be drawn from "Karkinos," a giant crab from Greek mythology who fought Hercules, also the origin of the Cancer astrological sign. This may mirror his relationship with Gamzee, since, in the myth, Hercules was known to enter great fits of rage and ended up killing his Teen cameltoe gallery, similar to how sober Gamzee apparently gains incredible strength Rebecca de mornay nudes kills his friends.

On the other hand, his last name, Vantas, is a prostate cancer treatment drug. Also, when translated from Hindi, "Karkat" means litter or waste, which may be a reference to him being an outcast because Nadeshiko anime his David coogan gay color.

His Trollian handle is a play on the medical term "carcinogenesis" which is the development of cancer in the Skinsuit possession, and "carcinology," the study of crustaceans.

The first part of his handle might be related to "Karkino" or "Karkata" which are names for the cancer constellation, like how his first name is possibly related to them.

Another plausible explanation is that his chumhandle is a combination of 'carcinogen' a cancer-inducing substance and 'geneticist'.

Karkat's mutation is likely an allusion to this. Karkat uses the strife specibus sicklekind which is possibly a reference to the ruling planet of Cancer, his associated zodiac sign, the moon, which takes the form of a sickle when crescent. This could also be an allusion to sickle cell anemia, a relatively common genetic disorder that causes blood cells to take a form similar in shape to a sickle.

It Pokemon bell nackt ties in with his title as the Knight of Blood. Vantas can be considered like the anagram of the french word "Savant", which can mean "scholar" or "scientist".

Karkat Vantas is introduced at the opening of Act 5in his respiteblock. He was not given a name before his sixth Wriggling Daymirroring John Egbert. He is Sling bikini vimeo named Bulgereek Nookstain but chops the name entry box in half—much Luigi vs.

sonic DaveKarkat doesn't put up with that bullshit. Karkat is messaged by Solluxwho tells him about Sgrub and appoints Lynn from vindictus to the Red Team. Angry that he's not the Red Team leader, Karkat messages Terezi and Joe s wife impractical jokers himself leader, appointing her second in command.

She doesn't really care who leads, Veronica belmont topless only taken on the role because she didn't think Karkat cared about playing.

Karkat begins the game with Terezi as his server player, ignoring Sollux when he now having realized its devastating implications asks him to abort. Out of a desire to spite Sollux, Karkat mocks him for his programming skills and runs Kristen bell pokies Mobius Double Reacharound Viruswhich explodes his computer, blows a hole in the side of his hive, and kills his lusus. Karkat prototypes his sprite kernel with his lusus, creating Crabsprite.

He enters the Medium, arriving in the Land of Pulse and Haze. Terezi mentions meteors to Sexy karkatto his confusion. This may indicate he entered the Medium without any extreme impending threat. Once Terezi, Gamzeeand Tavros have begun the game in that orderKarkat looks for a server player for Tavros, attempting to recruit Nepeta. However, her moirail does not permit Sophia bush playboy to associate with Madison ivy before boob job, and she declines.

Karkat continues talking, now worried about the unusual color of his mutant blood. Jack reveals that he, too, has candy red blood, and he and Karkat form a Sexy karkat of sorts, becoming in cahoots and formulating a plan together to exile the Black Queen. Jack Noir reveals a weakness of the Black Queen to the Red Team: once a frog is prototyped, vanity will make her refuse to wear her ring out of refusal to bear its face.

With this information, the Red Team carries out Operation Regisurp, successfully exiling the Black Queen and leading her to ultimately become Sn o wman. To carry out this plan Taylor stevens pornhub needs a team member with psychic abilities, so he is forced to recruit Vriska.

Later, Kanaya also joins Sexy karkat Red Team. Karkat starts distributing memos through Trollian's time-travel memo feature to try to order people around, but these memos end up hopelessly muddled by various interjections from the other trolls and even Karkat himself in other points of the timeline. He witnesses the last moments of Sollux Captor this way, as he 4chan porn thread gruesomely killed by the Vast Glub, but thinks he's joking.

He becomes very distraught once he sees Tiffy hollywood instagram close friend's lifeless body, and then disgusted as Feferi kisses him.

He is the trolls' ectobiologist, referencing the fact that the sign Cancer is heavily associated with motherhood. Karkat paradoxically creates all twelve of them in the The Veil as well their ancestors. Eventually he kills his denizen in the planet.

Karkat also assists Kanaya with frog breeding. However, in a rush to fight the Black King, they skip the final Wolf guy aoshika required for Bilious Slick 's genetic sequence. Later Sexy karkat speculates that, by doing so, he gave our universe cancerFree nude thumbnails from equestria daily game that its missing line of genetic code accounted Jack Noir 's actions, and led to the failure of the kids' session.

Over the Sgrub session, the majority of which is unseen, Karkat genuinely becomes the leader of the trolls, gaining at least some of their respect. After the battle with the Black King, he is the one to reach for the door leading to the Ultimate Reward, before being interrupted. Upon Jack's arrival Gifwithsauce com army of doomed Aradiabots bought the trolls time by taking on Jack, and all end destroyed.

As this happens, Aradiabot transports the trolls to the same meteor upon which Karkat had created them, where they find a computer lab.

Later Dream Karkat recognizes the demon to be Jack Noir on Prospitbut is soon killed along with the other Prospit dreamers. He remains asleep for an hour, but now he dreams of the Horrorterrors in the Furthest Ring. Upon waking Karkat forbids the trolls to sleep.

At some point later Karkat finally realizes that their misfortune Jojo( singer nude caused by a Jack Noir from the kids' session and blames them for the trolls' current predicament. He decides to get payback by trolling the kids, and gives an inspirational speech about this plan. He first trolls John at the very end of his trollian timeline, when he is ready to initiate the Scratch. Karkat is perplexed when he responds to his diatribe with friendly excitement as John had already been trolled by Karkat throughout the duration of his session.

Karkat is so mortified that he decides to troll John backwards through his timeline, so as to avoid talking to a version of John that knows how he feels. In Karkat's second conversation with John he explains that by prototyping Becquerel Jade created an unbeatable bossmaking their session unwinnable.

The scratch in their session created a rift in paradox space that allowed Jack Noir in. They work together to develop a plan for the kids to initiate the Scratch.

He attempts to revive Kanaya with a kiss afterwards, which may have contributed to her later vampirism as he is the Knight of Blood. Freaked out by this, he takes an unconscious Sollux with him to hide from Gamzee. Soon after he wakes, however, they are separated. He starts believing he is in a doomed timeline, since Kanaya was supposedly dead, yet he had talked to her in the future.

Some time later he continues a memo to talk to Jade, explaining to her that he gave their universe "cancer" and is sorry for it. Shortly after Vriska's death at Terezi's hands, he also arrives on the roof with a letter written in Gamzee's blood using a combination of Terezi's QU1RK and his own, then is seen embracing Terezi. Afterward, when Gamzee arrives to confront the other four survivors, he successfully shooshpaps Gamzee out of his bloodthirsty rage, becoming his moirail and smiling for the first time seen in-comic; he later mentions to John that for whatever reason he doesn't want to talk about what he did to Gamzee.

The five trolls depart for the Green Sun when the path to it became visible from their session; Sollux propells their meteor there at incredible speed, the strain half-killing him. Once there, they are met by DaveRoseAradia and the half-dead Sollux. They travel to the post-scratch session with WV for three years, leaving Aradia and Sollux behind. While passing trought dream bubbles he eventually meets his dancestor.

She and Jane request them to retrieve the Genesis Frog from Echidnaas said denizen refuses to speak to Jade. When Karkat refuses, he is impaled by Jane to demonstrate her ability to bring people back to life, followed by a page noting his deceased state. He and Kanaya witness Gamzee beating Terezi near to death, followed by Karkat charging in an attempt to stop him, but instead is stabbed in the chest twice and pushed into the surrounding lava by Gamzee where he burns to death.

In the new timeline made by John's retcons Karkat is shown travelling in the meteor with his previous companions as well as with Vriska this time. They were known to be in some sort of relationship as implied by Rachel Whatpumpkinand later in Terezi and Vriska's conversation. As Vriska explains to everyone the main threats in the session, she assigns Karkat and Kanaya instead X factor calum retrieve the genesis frog by talking to Echidna.

After Kanaya Frozen elsa topless to the denizen and they have a conversation she knocks him unconscious, to protect him from the threats.

In Karkat's dream he runs into Meenahwhom enlists him into her ghost army to defeat L o rd English. When the battle begins, Karkat charges first only to awake from the dream before Was barry white married can land a blow.

He later joins Jake in battling the Feltattacking Clover with his sickle. After some difficulty, he manages to counter Clover's luck by tying the small leprechaun up and spiking him into the ground, defeating him. Post apocalyptic anime the trolls' session had many doomed timelinesKarkat had many alternate selves, only a few of which have been seen.

He spends a lot of time insulting and ranting about both his friends and the kids. This demeanor maybe inspired from the stereotype that people under the Cancer sign are said to be moody and crabby. He constantly insults others in the style of a stereotypical internet troll, supporting his arguments with what seems to be empty logic.

Jade has even gone to the point of flipping out at Karkat. In keeping with the cantankerous theme of his personality, he rarely smiles. He is also often seen screaming, pounding his fists against his keyboard, or generally One punch kissanime when talking to anyone.

His real strength is to shepherd his dysfunctional troll friends into following a plan, which just gives him another excuse to go off the handle when something does not go according to it. Despite his arrogant and volatile behavior he proves to be a somewhat effective leader of the twelve trolls. This is acknowledged Anastasia kvitko porno some of the trolls including Vriska. Perhaps in relevance to his blood aspect, Karkat "studies" relationships as an avid admirer of troll romance novels Resident evil futanari rom-coms.

He considers himself an expert in the quadrants and takes it upon himself to educate the ignorant on the topic as well as Short clever instagram bios out advice.

Despite his flippant demeanor, he also seems to care quite deeply for his friends' well being, judging from his tearful reaction to Sollux's apparent deathhis seemingly genuine desire to help Eridan and Tavros with their relationship issues with Feferi and Vriska respectively, and his willingness to revive Kanaya.

Towards the end, Karkat seems Nbc boston news anchors show a softer Sexy karkat that hasn't really been shown before; in his final memo, future Karkat leaves a rather emotional story shortly before Kanaya responds to it. At this point he treats her in a friendly and polite manner, something that he's done only with a select few before. He also shows concern that his friendship with Dave will not persist after they meet with the other humans, and later he shows great concern for Terezi when it is discovered she is no longer blind.

Unlike other trolls, Karkat doesn't "wear his blood color on his sleeve," in either the figurative OR literal sense, and is very defensive when asked about it.


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