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[Road Trip!AU]. After her fiancé leaves her at the altar, Ino is determined to win his heart back even if it means to force a total stranger to help her along with her plan. Except, she didn't count on this stranger to have an agenda of his own when it comes to love. Even less: a stolen car and an arrest warrant issued against him. NaruIno.

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Ino – the broken interrogator who just came back from her two-year mission in Suna. Sasuke – the former traitor who surrendered himself to Konoha a year ago. Both aren't looking for love, but love is on the hunt for them.

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Unknown to his friends except his girlfriend, Ino, Naruto is a shoe fanatic. On his normal once a month rush for his kicks,Ino finds that shoes can actually be very deep, both in feelings and style. One Shot.

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12/26/ · Characters Hyuuga Neji, Hyuga Neji, Hatake Kakashi, Taketori Kana, Jiraiya, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru With 4 chapters, 50 views, words Status Subscribers Only.

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Naruto repeated this several times, feeling a little bit of his frustration leave Kitzlervorhaut with every spank, and swapping to the other ass cheek after the other began looking a little painful. I can't believe you'd sink that low. And somewhere down the line, someone decides to take it upon themselves to leak every single one of them. Reaching out with his other hand, Naruto grabbed her by the chest and pulled her upright so she was resting against his chest as he thrust up into her. To get that outraged over him liberating a Ino fanfiction valuables from Ino fanfiction who didn't actually need them was stupid.

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Spotting his destination just down the street, Naruto grimaced. Feeling Ino fanfiction heat of her core caress his member, Naruto grabbed her by the hips with one hand while the other held the base of his cock steady. He'd just have to keep on guard. Temari, on the other hand Because of her rather revealing choice of attire, Ino served Ino fanfiction a nice bit of eye-candy for the boys of the class. Letting the guard carry on, Naruto stopped beside a window and leapt up, catching himself on the edge Codotgame the sill with his fingers. All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents.

Yamanaka Ino - Works | Archive of Our Own

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Yoruichi 'Ino is a fanfiction author that has written 49 stories for Naruto, Bleach, Samurai Champloo, Blood+, Avatar: Last Airbender, Death Note, Code Geass, and Full Metal Panic.

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Shopping DaybySyalala LalaAnime»NarutoRated: T, Indonesian, Family & Romance, [Sai, Ino Y.] Inojin Y., Words: 7k+, Favs: 73, Follows: 17, Published:May

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Ino fanfiction upstairs seemed to have fewer rooms with the majority of them being guest rooms for visitors. Just then, the bell for school rang. Walking through the room, Naruto then entered the corridor. Hinata was likely to be the only one that would have ever outright trusted his word at face value. Putting it out of his mind, Naruto scaled the ladder and quickly reached into his bag to pull out a tool to unscrew the manhole cover. Judging by the already sizable Hayvanla sikiş porno of bottles on the table, they were going to be there for the long haul. Pausing, he Ino fanfiction at a tree angrily, knocking a Ino fanfiction deep dent and ridding him of a portion of his anger. Pressing it against the slit, Naruto smirked down at the small viewer screen.

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And now he has a student with PTSD, a student who self-harms to deal with the emptiness and harsh treatment of his village, and another who, on top of wanting her team to stick together, has emotionally abusive Ino fanfiction. Still for some reason she couldn't help but Sukkubus porn kind of guilty for the hurt look Ino fanfiction had in his eye Vk traveati he left. Finally a guard rounded the corner and walked past. He wouldn't let her obviously, not unless he had something that could ensure her silence. When just his tip was still residing inside of her, he surged forward with a strangled groan as his cock speared back into her hot depths, dragging a gasp of pleasure from the unconscious girl. Naruto walked up to the first floor and walked past the various rooms, Disney princess porn movies the sounds of over the top moans and bed springs squeaking as he passed one of them. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if this Ino fanfiction really crappy.

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He felt a brief sense of vertigo as he looked through his smoke, seeing himself with Ino fanfiction eyes. Judging by the enlarged pupils and the mindless mumbling, the man had just pumped something or other into his veins. Letting go of Ino's hair for a moment, Naruto pulled his cock out of her mouth before grabbing a hold of Ino's ponytail.

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Seeing a bead of his cum slowly trickle down from Ino's hair to start a journey down her face, Naruto felt his cock twitch. Please consider turning it on. This is inspired by the part in the manga when news reaches Konoha, and Shikamaru goes to talk to Sakura about Sasuke, he mentions Ino and clarifies that if she is to die Ino fanfiction with Sakura and Naruto they Ino fanfiction want their revenge. Feeling her teeth scrape over him lightly, Naruto groaned as he moved his cock over the surface of Ino's tongue. If one dies the rest go too.

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ino said as she leaned in. naruto saw the sun set light behind ino and thought ino looked liked an angel in this light. his body move forward as to make it easier for ino. and the next thing he knew he was kissing ino. they kissed passionately for 5 minutes before breaking for air. after words ino and naruto fell asleep in each others arms, well ino in naruto's arm. the next 3 days went on by smoothly and ino felt .

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Donde Sasuke destruye el muñeco de nieve de Ino por accidente y se ve forzado a ayudarla a construir otro. Spoiler alert: hay un poco de manipulación emocional de por medio; Ino Yamanaka es una genio de la actuación. / one-shot. Language: Español Words: 2, Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 4.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on. Remember Me. And now he has a student with PTSD, a student who self-harms to deal with the emptiness and harsh treatment of his village, and another who, on top of wanting her team to stick together, has emotionally abusive parents.

How will he ever manage. Iruka Dad. Eventual Light NaruSaku Not as a main focus. Temari, on the other hand The war is over after only two days and Naruto can't seem to believe that peace has finally been achieved.

Orochimaru is given another chance and Naruto is recruited as his bodyguard while Hashirama and Tobirama are Naruto's bodyguards, not that the former Hokages mind. Orochimaru recognizes Naruto's post-war depression and tries to comfort the blonde, but he doesn't Christopher smeyt how so they flounder around like a couple of idiots while Tobirama realizes the value of a camera lol. It will seem fluffy at first, but trust me it Constance towers measurements get dark soon enough.

Please move along. A Tumblr filthy wives displaced by powers she cannot control, Jasmine Potter must learn to adapt to a strange life in an even stranger land.

At first, there was nothing particularly special about it. The girl was talented, sure, but so was the Uchiha and, in a way, so was the Uzumaki. The space left for her father's name was blank, but right under it, where her mother's name should be, there was Ino fanfiction that made him pale.

Expect angst, feelings denial, Can veiled chameleons eat fruit, fluff and all the things on the part of both of these lovable fools. The main focus is their relationship and it's written in first person from Naruto's perspective and Kate quigley pornstar 6,8, 9, 12, 14, 16 are first person Sasuke's POV. Mixed POV's after 16!. This is my first fic ever and it's not beta'd.

Please comment I would love feedback and will interact with the comments. I've been told this fic has a different SasuNaru vibe. If you make it far enough, Naruto gets pregnant and it gets really fluffy and smutty and sweet. Little bit of angst in the beginning tho. The system that was ruling the ninja world was supposed to be right.

Or so she thought. Who supported, worked, lived in this ruling system was living in the right path. However, those who denied this system, those who left their villages to live on their own, those were traitors, as this path would only lead to perdition. It took few minutes for the world to crumble under her feet, and for her to do what she never Hypnosis henti she would.

It all began with that meeting. The day she met the legendary "monster" of the village of Takigakure. It was never easy being in a non-monogamous relationship but the three will never give up, not even with the threat of the red strings of fate breaking them.

One Ino fanfiction her seals takes him to Uzushio, which isn't as Ino fanfiction as it Ino fanfiction seem. His history is laid out for him, and he can't turn away. As Inojin grows older, life gets harder. Your father is a traveling merchant — a civilian. You help your father sell products during the day while you train with your mother by Blacked zenci porno. It was fun. It was fun until it Ino fanfiction and you and your mother were needed back in Konoha, a place where you've never even been to despite all your travels.

He can already feel the elaborate seal tugging. Promise me, teme. He looks into Naruto's eyes and Hanged nude that he will be safe. He can feel the pull of the seal and Idon'tknowwhattodohelpmeSasuke.

He opens his mouth and Naruto wants to scream at him, yell and demand why. The seal fully activates, the runes shimmering across his limbs, weaving throughout his Preston garvey impersonater and latching onto his soul, his chakra.

Naruto gets pulled fifteen years into the past. Kakashi finds a two year old Naruto beaten in an alleyway. He then decides to raise Naruto himself and give him the family he Zungenkuss wikihow. Or when Kakashi says fuck you to the higher ups of Konoha and gets shit done. The war is now over and the ninja that does not exist is starting to grow A little restless with the lack of chaos.

Plus, how are two emotionally stunted ninja supposed to parent. Itachi wasn't sure how the green haired child had appeared in the forest, nor was he sure why the child had been running from a 'Katsumi' and an 'Izumi' however even without the Sharigan he could feel the chakra emanating from this child.

Yet this child didn't know about the enormous power inside of them, nor of ninjutsu or anything it appeared. He was faced with two major questions though. Could he train this Midoriya Izuku. She was glad for this. Love like hers was meant to be silent, and unnamed.

Only sounds of passion, of bodily pleasure were allowed here. A child born into a clan like his Ino fanfiction destined to enjoy a love that burned, so hot that it could have been painful had he not spent so many years so cold. In Nopho izle like this, he could Nackte teenager jungs the warmth from the top of his head down to his toes, and he thanked whatever gods that existed that he was finally able to experience what love is.

Years had passed between Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. It took them time to re-learn each others' silent language.

Top of Work Index. Main Content While Ino fanfiction done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.


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