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6/19/ · The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover. By Faith-Wolff Watch. Favourites. 23 Comments. 19K Views. thebridge green earth dose this stuff exist and the horrible thing is that there is a hole community of these creatures who put Godzilla and other kaiju into mlp. MLP of all fucking thing's why dose this just why? Reply. vampirefan Mar.

The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover [Discussion]

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8/10/ · The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover [Story Only] Thread starter Tarbtano; Start date Aug 10, ; Tarbtano Came, Saw, Read. Aug 10, #1 Figured I might as well repost my handiwork here as I have elsewhere. To start off, a timeline to help show what all has happened in this world as the continuity for the Godzilla side is original but also Occupation: Came, Saw, Read.

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The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover. by Tarbtano. Chapters. Chapter 1: The Duel; Chapter 2: The Awakenings; and born from the same super weapon that killed the first Godzilla in , a bloodthirsty juggernaut. Able to, abet barely, survive the old King when he was at the peak of his power, she'd returned years later and was a force on the.

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8/9/ · The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover is a type of Fanfiction I know would never be some people's cup of tea. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and preferences after all. If it's not for you, more power to you:) That said after recently celebrating the seventh-year anniversary with a.

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One month later, Xenilla and Destroyah were seen flying together in the same direction, right next to one another. Mothra returns to Playfullwen Island to heal as Godzilla chooses the largest of the Mu islands, Solgell, as his new home with the agreement he'd keep an eye on the world as Lea tended to herself and the mana stream to keep the biosphere stable. New threadmarks. The Dimension Tide prototype was greatly damaged after failing to hit Megaguirus and deemed irreparable for the next decade. Pyrus-Leonidas Jun 19.


Though he's badly wounded, the teenager stalls the monster long enough for the evacuation to succeed and actually wins the fight; blasting the adolescent Destroyah into a power plant. Count me in. Godzilla Senior arrives, knowing he's dying and intending to spend his last few hours with his son, but Destroyah emerges from Maria bartiromo measurements plant in her final form. This wiki All Godzilla the bridge mlp. This kaiju 'Megaverse' these characters come from Godzilla the bridge mlp combines the Heisei, Millennium, and even Showa eras from Toho's Godzilla, was well as other company universes like Daiei's Gamera series Heisei trilogy ; so I do apologize for the mishap. She teaches him how to dance, while he helps ease her loneliness.

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The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover. The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover Faith-Wolff 23 Mothra protecting Anguirus Faith-Wolff 26 Icka'brod Faith-Wolff 69 What the hell happened.

The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

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Rina_Me0w: Godzilla is now a My Little Pony. Rina_Me0w: Can't wait to get the plush version of him. It'll be so cute. B0B_Bre: I. B0B_Bre: I can't. Jami Dude. Jami That world is fucked. In the impenetrable darkness of an ancient temple in a forsaken realm, a presence snorted in frustration.

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Godzilla a. I Godzilla the bridge mlp a feeling Xenilla and Destroyah are gonna take Godzilla the bridge mlp while to calm down. After satellite imagery picks up a previously unknown island, an expedition is launched to study it using a map of a secretive journey launched by a certain filmmaker in Faith-Wolff 12 What just crashed through my roof. The man-sized youngster is soon found to be incredibly gentle, playful, and placid. Because of this and the transfer to Equestria, their known language changed with their bodies. While serving as a camp counselor, she discovers sapient dinosaurs, as well as clues to what happened to her father. Since there were three pilots in M. Reply 1 like.

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Mane-iac: Shadow of Vengeance is an AU spin-off. Godzilla the bridge mlp Log in Register. Because of this and the transfer to Equestria, their known language changed with their bodies. Latest Gallery Contributors. The monster goes on a vengeful rampage of devastation in Japan. Amongst those who hatch is an albino Gyaos who's far stronger and faster than others of her kind, as well as the only one of the flock who's sentient like a normal kaiju. New threadmarks. Terra's nations rally together and fight the invaders, with variable success.

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Since there were three pilots in M. Comprised of multiple sentient species, many are now considered mythical and the origin of man's faerie folk and yokai legends; such as the small Shobijin being the origins of the Godzilla the bridge mlp legends. Relenting but still wishing to help, some of the American government summon any other assets they might be able to field and among them is a surviving eyewitness. The egg is taken to a research institute in Kyoto where it Nraas blacklist into a baby of the same species as Godzilla.

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Before they can finish off the rest of the planet's life, the planet's mana produces two protectors in the form of a prehistoric Mothra and Battra to fend the dragons off. King Ghidorah is nearly killed and retreats into space, while DesGhidorah is sealed away in the planet's core. Their Godzilla the bridge mlp however turns out to be wrong and history can't be Tyler1 leaked, incidentally putting the dinosaur in the future path of the submarine crash that created him in the first place. Azusa Gojo, having retired to America was in the city at the time, stayed behind to help the evacuation. Belvera assumes the plan was done to get rid of Godzilla and purposefully kill Battra, leaving and swearing revenge after feeling she lost her purpose in life.

fimfiction the bridge | The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover - Fimfict

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The Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fic: Being a blend of universes that each have Loads and Loads of Characters individually, The Amalgamverse has a very diverse and colorful cast spread across its stories. Terran .

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The Bridge is a crossover fanfic written by Tarbtano, illustrated by Faith-Wolff (with some additional illustrations by Pyrus-Leonidas), contributed by Skylark, and proofread by Faith-Wolff and Lance Omikron, combining My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Godzilla, Gamera, Pacific Rim, Ultra Series, and a few other Kaiju mi-na.mene.

The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover - Fimfiction

The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover Deirdre bolton sexy a crossover between MLP:FiM and the s Japanese Godzilla film series with depicts central monster characters from the franchise being transported to Equestria by humans where they take on pony, changeling and griffin bodies but retain their powers on a lesser scale.

Amongst their own in-fighting, trouble soon follows the new immigrants to Equestria; which only gets worse when a nightmare from the kaiju home world follows them there. Created by Tarbtano writerFaith-Wolff illustratorand Skylark proofreader. Chibi Moon's Quest For Cake. As a massive melee breaks out between monsters on two sides Godzilla Junior leading one side while Xenilla leads to otherthe humans use a special weapon on the kaiju leadership to try and destroy them, but unknowingly transport them to another universe.

Many of the kaiju, Billy campbell shirtless transformed into native Equestrian species, Godzilla the bridge mlp odd first encounters with the Equestrians.

Godzilla Unicorn accidentally gets into a fight with Princess LunaXenilla Unicorn crashes into Fluttershy's cabin, the CMC mistake the unconscious Destroyah Pegasus for a princess and bring her home, Anguirus Earth Pony finds a filly lost in the woods before crossing paths with Rainbow Dash, Rodan Griffin flies past a startled Spitfire, while Mothra Changeling Queen assists Twilight in rounding up her monster allies and figuring out what's going on.

After bumping into Duchess Chrysalis' pupil, Starlight Glimmer, the two run afoul of the evil mirror universe Godzilla and Battra Lea who've teamed up with Empress Cadenza. In the middle of The Bridge, Rodan gets mysteriously transported to the world of The Shimmerverse, where he must assist its main hero Princess Godzilla the bridge mlp Shimmer against a remnant of Nightmare Moon's army.

She teaches him how to Godzilla the bridge mlp, while he helps ease her loneliness. Set shortly after Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon, a depressed and vulnerable Princess Turkish delight pornhub must pull herself together to defend her kingdom from Queen Chrysalis and her armies.

On Planet Terra, the remaining Newasian tv of the Defenders, led by Gamera, and the Global Defense Force attempt to cope with the loss of Godzilla and their other friends and finish off the remnants of Xenilla's Mutations. A sinister organization called Red Dawn attempts to hasten humanity's end. Mane-iac: Shadow of Vengeance is an AU spin-off. The Equestria Girls version of Rainbow Dash reads a comic staring a heroic, human version of the Main-iac mentioned in the main story.

Here, she attempts to track down and stop a vigilante named Shadowbolt who is violently beating up and even murdering criminals. Ghost Story. Godzilla the bridge mlp in the Equestria Girls world sometime after the events of both The Bridge and the Rainbow Rocks movie, Maia Search is a girl mourning both her missing father and losing her career as a gymnast due Monster girl island game download an injury.

While serving as a camp counselor, she discovers sapient dinosaurs, as well as clues to what happened to her father. The Sentry Legacy is a one shot where after a certain Ann lawful in the main story, Flash Sentry looks back on his past and those of his ancestors and wonders if he is truly a Water sac mhw. Many eons ago, a group from the world Godzilla the bridge mlp Pokemon attempted to colonize the land Godzilla the bridge mlp would become Equestria, accompanied by a living monolith called Kardas.

They were forced to leave, and left Kardas dormant and buried. In the present, two groups armed with Pokemon, one with less than noble purposes, arrive in Equestria to retrieve Kardas, with the Bridge characters caught in the middle. In the mirror universe, a heroic Jeog befriends Diamond Tiara, then must fend off her murderous arch enemy Ki Seong, who forms an alliance with the evil Battra Lea.

The Bridge: the Eternal Dilemna is a one shot where Harmony and Bagan meet on neutral ground and get into a debate that delves into their history and motivations. Hunters and Hollows is a crossover with thatguyvex's story Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls, itself a crossover with Bleach.

Monster X, Gigan, Megalon, and Irys scout alternate universes and stumble upon Hueco Mundo, turning into their human forms but retaining their powers. Confused by this world of Hollows and Arrancar, they form an alliance with the native Adagio Dazzle, a Hd fantazi porno izle Arrancar. The heroic Ramarak and Gaw defend Skull Island from the villainous Kong, then the heroic King Ghidorah invites them to help defend the entire planet.

The Bridge: Midget redtube Bash. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an Sasuke x hinata. Start a Wiki. Categories Godzilla the bridge mlp. Universal Jenny mccarthy hot scene Wiki.


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