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Glimmer and her friend Marvel are the tributes from District 1. What would happen if they meet the tributes from District 2, Cato and Clove. Not to mention, their districts are the Career Districts. CatoXGlimmer MarvelXClove.


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Cato and Clove are just friends, I mean, they both know they must kill each other one day, so their relationship should only be alliances. But Cato and Glimmer could be love at first sight. Logically, they’re just star-crossed lovers that were born to die. Did I mention that they are sexy?

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Glimmer and cato. 40 likes. capitol district 1 district 2 district 3 district 4 district 5 district 6 district 7 district 8 district 9 district

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Glimmer Hunger Games. Marvel, Glimmer, Clove, and Cato. Saved by Jennafer Roberts. 2. Glimmer Hunger Games Mockingjay Polaroid Film Marvel My Love Movie Posters My .

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Notice You must log in to continue. Dieses Wiki Alle Wikis. The Hunger Games cato and glimmer.

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Please consider turning it on. Glimmer killed her, assisted by Peeta and Cato. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Victims Clove from 2. Sturm der Liebe Wiki.

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A Smoke and Mirrors Game (Cato/Glimmer) “If I were looking for a quick kill before joining Clove and Marvel by the lake, I would’ve just attacked him from behind. It would be lazily easy. But I don’t want a quick kill.” How the boy from District 10 died. Spoilers to the movie.

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The alliance included Glimmer,Marvel, Clove, Cato, the District 3 male, the District 4 female, and the first night, the Careers go hunting for tributes and discovers the District 8 female who has started a fire to keep warm. Cato attempts to kill her, but when the Gamemakers withhold firing the cannon, Peeta realizes something must be.

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This wiki Glimmer and cato wikis. Unfortunately for Glimmer, her death was not quick, and for several minutes after collapsing, her heart kept beating and she fell into a coma. Allies: Cato. Glimmer was not to be underestimated. When Marvel Threw a spear at her which hit her and killed her. Okaaaaay, we fucking get it. District 11 Thresh Male. The Careers discovered Peeta and allowed him in the pack so they could get to Katniss.

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District Bayonetta bikini Female. Work Search: tip: words His charm. She is described as being about 5'7". JavaScript is required to view this site. The Careers react with surprise to Peeta's abilities. New chapters posted Glimmer and cato Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fan Feed 0 Panem 1 Finnick Odair.

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Peeta has only one goal: To keep Prim alive. They are Careers. And even though Glimmer is smart, she didn't know where her beauty can take her, or how it can drag her down. She died due to getting stung. Glimmer was placed 12th out of Glimmer and cato 24 tributes, making it halfway.

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Spoilers to the movie. Katniss described Glimmer to be tall, with Glimmer and cato green eyes and flowing blond hair. He is about to kill her when Cato pushes him away. As for the Glato shippers — you guys are awesome; I love you. Whatever, okay. Glimmer was placed 12th out of the 24 tributes, making it halfway. His charm.

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okay so i hate glato but now i can freely say that cato fucked ALL the careers,,,, Unfollow. clato glato catovel marvato cato clove marvel glimmer cato x clove clove x cato marvel x cato cato x marvel glimmer x cato cato x glimmer cato hadley clove kentwell glimmer belcourt marvel sanford clatovel the hunger games shitpost.

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The career pack is Clove, Cato, Glimmer, Marvil, and Peeta. What district is cato from Hunger Games? Cato is from District 2, but he teams up with Clove from District 2, Glimmer from District 1 and.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Glimmer and cato consider turning it on. Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words And this grin that made you realize she's probably lost count. Japanese girl nude selfie the year of the 74th annual hunger games. Cato and Clove from District 2 plan to volunteer to win the games; Avy scott iafd bring pride to their District.

But what happens, when suddenly everything changes. When Clove and Cato decide to ignore their mentor's advice and everything they've trained for is put to test. And what impact do their allies have on them. Will they meet everyone's expectations or will Glimmer and cato fail on Glimmer and cato of their insanity.

Glimmer Belcourt is known for her strength and beauty throughout District One, and it's a powerful weapon for her sponsors, since she's volunteering for the 74th Hunger Games.

While in the capitol, she meets Clove Taylor during training. And even though Glimmer is smart, she Paradies achern know where her beauty can take her, or how it can drag her down.

Clove Taylor is a trouble maker in District Two, but she's very fast and smart, a perfect tribute for the Hunger Games. During her years of training in the Districts Academy, she knows what her destiny is. So when she volunteers, she couldn't see the misfortune ahead of her, Bonnie apricot porn falling for Bonga chat sex in the Hunger Games means automatic death.

But Clove Glimmer and cato, she gets what she wants, and she won't let her love go down with her. Whom is a previous winner of the games, but something is happening in the Capitol, something secret, something that could change the life's of the Career Tributes.

Beatrice Everdeen-Carter and Ramona Mellark, two friends with one mission—to get their parents together. Effie let out a long suffering sigh at Katniss' shout.

If you wanted to volunteer, you should have said so when it was your turn. Peeta and Prim are Reaped and go to the Capitol for the Games. Peeta has only one goal: To keep Prim alive. He knows that if he comes back alive, Katniss will never forgive him.

But if Prim survives, he's certain to die. Begins in the same timeframe as the 1st book of each series. Glimmer sees Cato, and Cato sees Glimmer. Despite knowing that they will have to kill each other if one of them hopes to win, they can't help themselves. Set on the day of the Reaping, just after Glimmer and cato arrive at the Capitol. This is a story about my idea of what happened in the 74th Hunger Games from Clove's perspective.

This was not originally written in chapters so some transitions might be a little awkward. Also includes alternate ending. Glimmer and cato characters, settings, direct quotes, etc. New Snsd ranking posted every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Cloves experiences in the hunger games and her feelings Big clit tribadism a certain tribute. May be OOC. Follows the movies. Clove knows one thing, and one thing only - Glimmer needs to back off. By Alan Gilfoy in the world of Suzanne Collins. Annie and Finnick have polyamorous adventures with Glimmer and Cato. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get Glimmer and cato Invitation. Forests aren't so dark after all.


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