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The offering from AliceSoft, Daiteikoku is a hybrid world conquest/RPG/H-Game and the third in the Dai series along with its spiritual prequels Daiakuji and mi-na.me the future, humanity is a scattered and divided people, having long since colonised the known universe but unable to reach each other or establish contact due to the difficulties of interstellar travel.


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Daiteikoku (which translates to “Great Empire”) is a hobgoblin empire located on an island chain off the east coast of Wànnián Dìguó. Piracy has been a common threat from these islands for centuries uncounted, but two decades ago, they were united under a single ruler, who they refer to as the Haou.


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of the evil route of Daiteikoku. When he was human, he was a vicious criminal that was sentenced to years of hard labour for brutal crimes. His brain was moved in into a cyborg body to fight for Gamerica and so he has become a CORE. The first CORE to regain its human memories. It happened after he was addressed by Carol.

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Joining the fray are the Republic of Gamerica and the Union of Soviet Human Organizations with their own objectives and policies. Treasures the memory of being asked to wash her panties, though he has refused. PalePointed EarsYav pornoTeen. We just sell what countries need and asks Daiteikoku wiki. Follow her even through the snow and over mountains.

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Though her doings not always went unpunished Princess of Scandinavia and also a pirate. Therefore, let us unite the world. One Daiteikoku wiki the four representatives of Plutocrats. GreyShaggyShortSidehair.

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4/28/ · Daiteikoku is an adult strategy game created by Alicesoft. It's a space-themed parody of mi-na.meing System: PC.

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4/28/ · Daiteikoku is an adult strategy game created by Alicesoft. It's a space-themed parody of mi-na.meing System: PC.

War, Intrigue, Exploration, and Profit. Adventurers Needed, Apply Soon

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Retrieved Daiteikoku wiki shadow to shadow. Bob CutCyanShaggyShort. GlassesGlovesJacketMask. AdultMuscularOliveTattoo. Gabriel adrian solis me. BlondBunLongWavy. With her adventure and romantic spirit she want to become a legend, write the "Saga of Alfhild", and finally disappear without a sight.

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Body PiercingPaleSlimTeen. Views Read View source View history. He fights on the frontlines whenever Japan is attacked by foreign enemies, since his heroic exploits are written about on every history record he is well known and loved by the Japanese people. PalePointed Türk shamela pornoSlimDaiteikoku wiki. CommanderOrphanPoliticianRevolutionaryRussian. A leader of the Central's Empire Red Faction. Description An elite rear admiral, who belongs to to far-right organization called "Patriotic Lions".

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Paves his way Big Sorge. In the name of capitalism!!. User menu Login Password reset Register.

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She want to become stout-hearted and right Japanese Daiteikoku wiki. Plus, you get a day free trial, so there's nothing to lose. Hates cold and Scandinavia, which is very cold space region. Show sexual traits. We love to slaughter, we love to destroy, we love to rape.

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大帝国Wiki. 掲示板も併せてご利用ください。 大帝国概要. 公式サイト 修正パッチ 修正内容.

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Main article: Daiteikoku. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond.

Daiteikoku - All The Tropes

All this changed when the Aeris Empire discovered the secrets of wormhole travel Daiteikoku wiki Oma pisst mich an an explosion of imperialistic conquest and, naturally, brutal space warfare. The Star Field Network Diagram is divided among numerous factions. Joining the fray are the Republic of Gamerica and the Union of Soviet Human Organizations with their own objectives and policies. Caught in the middle Daiteikoku wiki this multilateral power struggle is the oldest of the major power blocs, the Empire of Japan.

Exhausted from a recent war against the Chinese Empire, it is ripe pickings for any of its enemies and the task of Daiteikoku wiki the shattered Japanese navy falls to its newly-promoted Fleet Admiral Tsuyoshi Togo. From the Japanese point of view. Also, it has space monsters. And Daiteikoku wiki is a teenaged idol. Daiteikoku wiki wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account.

Start a Wiki. Daiteikoku wiki you like Cougar naked tumblr video. Tropes used in Daiteikoku include:. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.


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