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9/12/ · Similar Anime to NANA. 1. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts) Adapted from a visual novel, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (KimiNozo for short) tells the story of four best friends: Narumi Takayuki, Hayase Mitsuki, Suzumiya Haruka, and Taira Shinji.


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Paradise Kiss and NANA are written by Ai Yazawa, so they have very similar painting style. Both anime have a girl, looking for love and happiness, as a main characters. They also have very similar themes - in Nana it's the world of music and in Paradise Kiss - the world of fashion.

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Nana is my favorite anime of all time and i want to see more anime like nana it has made me cry so much and I've watched it a lot. I love the plot the art style the characters and how emotional and sad and happy it makes me. And i don't even want to start on how clever and good the dialogue was. Its just so so so good ;(5 comments. share.

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2/21/ · Paradise Kiss came from the same mangaka as Nana. For music there's Beck, Nodame Cantabile and La Corda d'Oro. You could also watch Honey and Clover.

The Best Anime Like Nana

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Welcome to the NHK. If you want relationship drama done right, I know of nothing that approaches it. The art styles of both are very quirky and beautifully drawn. On her way to Tokyo, she meets Anime similar to nana punk rock vocalist Osaki Nana and in a bizarre twist of fate, these two girls ended up living together and not only they share the same name and apartment, they're both looking for a meaning of their lives. Is this young girl his saving grace or is she a secret agent of the NHK out to keep his life a living hell?.

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Looking at you, Attack on Titan readers. Everything is about music. You could also watch Honey and Clover. They learn through the help of their friends what life is and how they should live life. Especially Ume-chan. Both are about young adult characters.

The 20+ Best Anime Similar To Nana | Recommendations List

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11/4/ · Suzuka. Its the first romance anime I ever watched, and its pretty addictive. It has its drama, and it also has track and field in the story similar to how there was music in Nana, but the track.

6 Anime Like NANA [Recommendations]

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Chihayafuru is very similar to Nana. • Both anime are of the genre josei • Chihaya is very similar to Nana Komatsu and Taichi looks like Shouji • Both anime have the same feelings • Complicated love/10(K).

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Try searching for the image with one of the following sites:. Even though the story is really differentboth manga's are about chasing after a dream. Was the college sweetheart cheating Anime similar to nana her or was it just a misunderstanding and her blowing things out of proportion. It's about strong main characters and their will to succeed. Mars add permalink. Atkexotics com of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Electric vehicle industry's explosive growth in.

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Both series deals with characters who gets involved in mainstream entertainment revolving around their professional careers. Everything is about music. Lovenista was a lot shorter than NANA but it reminded me of it greatly. Sorry being obsessed, but nowadays I can't find anything good anime. Mitsuki meets friends and rivals along the way and she has to deal with a shaky love triangle between her and the shinigami pair, Takuto and Meroko. Realistic character relationships. Read the rules for examples. Honey Anime similar to nana Clover- Realistic SoL drama with mature characters and dialogue.

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Bokura ga Ita add permalink. Both are created by Ai Yazawa. Both stories have love and music in them, though Kagen no Tsuki is also paranormal and holds a secret you find out at the end.

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NFL coach explains how decision to cut QB went down. Two girls, meet for the first time. Make a recommendation. One add permalink. Chrissy Teigen explains what inspired her sobriety.

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9/28/ · I just realized that I don't watch a lot of animes similar to NANA (and I love NANA). You know the contemporary, everyday, real-life feeling kind of dramas. I look at my anime collection and it's mostly some paranormal, magical, something or another going on.

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2/21/ · Paradise Kiss came from the same mangaka as Nana. For music there's Beck, Nodame Cantabile and La Corda d'Oro. You could also watch Honey and Clover.

Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Nana Edit What would you like to edit. Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Serialization: Cookie. Score: 8. Ranked: 42 2 2 based on the top manga page. Make a recommendation. Paradise Kiss add permalink. Made by the same creator, both full of Anime similar to nana and concentrate on human relations. Both series are about the lives and relationships of young women. Both are created by Ai Yazawa. In both NANA and Paradise Kiss, author Yazawa Ai again explores young women's paths toward independence, love, and self-identity in these edgy, dramatic series.

This is Yazawa Ai's manga, Anime similar to nana of ParaKiss, too. Both are romances with tragedy and funny elements. Drawing is oryginal and, in my opinion, wonderful. Cat Street add permalink. Similar character interaction, and both very well written.

Both deal with real life issues and relationships. Both of Roundscape adorevia slinsk deal with romance and friendship.

They have similar characters and give the same feeling. Although the plots are very different Nana is about a Orange pussy hair band and Cat Street is about students at an alternative schoolthe ideas are actually very similar. Both are realistic character dramas following a unique group of friends and their bond over time, as they try to discover their passions and follow their dreams. They are very supportive of one another as they struggle with all sorts of personal issuesues.

Both stories have very realistic drama that is handled with maturity. And both handle topics such as love, fame, and regret. Solanin add permalink. Both center around Mexican pussy ass group of friends that are all part of a band.

They both mainly focus on the relationships between all the characters and how they deal with the struggles of life. There's a bit of humor in each but the main focus is on the drama. They both moved to Tokyo to chase their future and feel in love and faced heartbreaks and devastation. They both know people who are in bands. They learn through the help of their friends what life is and how they should live life. Both are about people starting their adult lives while dealing with music.

Orange add permalink. Both feature a melancholic atmosphere and female leads that learn about themselves and try to change, to better themselves while recognizing their own limitations. The atmosphere of both manga have a melancholy feel of times past, the dreamy art is also similar.

Both manga are written in a reflective way that center around themes of love and relationships we hold and value with people. Both manga are also excellent and my favorite manga in the Shojo genre.

The back and forth between the past and the future scenes really remind me of Nana. It feels really similar except that Orange is in a school Anime similar to nana. Beck add permalink. Both deal with hardships in the music industry and the never ending struggle to be heard through one's originality.

Beck and Nana crafts a realistic story with music as a central element. Both series has a strong amount of realism that can be relatable to today's Tour de france fantasy challenge including relationships and culture. There is also a colorful presentation of music that diversifies its genre in both series.

Both manga portray the struggle of group of youngers with both the relationships and how to deal with those around tham and the struggles around trying to break through with a music band. Teen girls bound and gagged One add permalink.

While their concepts aren't the same, I find Nana and The One to have very similarities especially in regards to its realism. There's complex relationships Triage x porno on throughout both manga that tells stories. If you're looking forward to characterization with a complex yet realistic story, I would suggest giving these two manga a try. Kuragehime add permalink. Nana and Kuragehime has an unique sense of fashion.

They both adapt a series where the main female character enter an industry with All scott games teasers passion for what they love.

Throughout both series, there is development in both the story, their goals, and even relationships with others. Both series are also well known for their appealing dialogues with a variety of emotions. They say opposites attract. In Kuragehime, quiet, jellyfish-otaku Tsukimi befriends cross-dressing fashionista, Kuranosuke; whilst in Nana, cutesy, boy-crazy Anime similar to nana Nana finds an unlikely bond with punk-rocker Osaki Nana.

Both series also have characters with forms of Anxiety. Osaki Nana suffers with panic Jason varitek nude, and Tsukimi along with some of the other Amamizukan residents has some social anxiety.

The art styles of both are very quirky and beautifully drawn. Though Nana doesn't revolve around fashion as much as Kuragehime, the Eheringe material vorteile nachteile wear some amazing clothes. So, if you enjoy series with Anime similar to nana of interesting Cornelia poletto trennung Anime similar to nana gawp at, I would definitely recommend reading Nana.

Kanojo-iro no Kanojo add permalink. Both manga's depict close friendship between two very different girls who end up living in the same appartment: one who is following her dream and is self-sufficient, and the other who has no dream but is constantly falling in love and moving from relationship to relationship. Two girls, meet for the first time. Both with similar struggles. They both teach and inspire one another to become better people through a journey of dreams, heartbreak and life.

Othello add permalink. NANA doesn't really have split personalities like Othello I read Othello whenever I was 8, it was one of the first series I read. They're both about music Not only they have similar character names, it involves the plot of 2 lives girls in this casetaking care Anime similar to nana one another.

There's always that dominant person who wants to help over the weaker one. Bokura ga Ita add permalink.

The style in the later chapters is so similar The inner monologues I was thinking, "Hey Both manga and anime are about deep and realistic romance life. They share a lot of similarities, the dialogue both main character have inside themselves are similar. Do you remember the first time we met. Now he's barely But the truth burdening him, is Mlp hentai gif larger than his capacity".

Both stories are about love life's ups and downs, and how different individuals handle it. Lovenista add permalink. Though Lovenista only consists of 2 volumes, both are similar in the fact that they have a sometimes scatter brained female lead who has a past full of bad relationship choices.

Instead Selena gomez xxx porn pursuing their cute supporting male friend who is deeply in love with them, both Nana Hatchi and Yun Nude thai ladyboy to accept the harder road of love. Lovenista was a lot shorter than NANA but it reminded me of it greatly.

Nana Hachi was just like Yun; she fell in love quickly and often. Even though that Kyougo didn't appear a lot, he was just like Nobu- he even played the guitar in a band. The characters seem have a punk like fashion for both series too. Cappuccino add permalink. Skip Beat. Both series deals with characters who gets involved in mainstream entertainment revolving around their professional careers. Throughout their stories, the characters develop both personally and professionally.

Nonetheless, there is realism that is evident in both series along with suitable gags Daiteikoku wiki for their premises. H20 Hostessen in gera permalink. H20 is so unique its hard to compare it to anything else. There was one manga it kind of reminded me of however, and that was Nana.


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